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Učimo srpski 1

Serbe pour débutants + enregistrements audio + dictionnaire en onze langues


You have helped me to speak up Serbian. You have given me the wings and made myself a great friend of the Serbs and the Serbian Langauge...

Ana Topor-Marin,


Azbukum editions:



Az buki srpski 1 – for beginners (А1.1)

1st edition


Nataša Milićević Dobromirov, Biljana Novković Adžaip, Sanja Sekač

(Azbukum Centre, first edition 2024 / ISBN-978-86-900624-3-0)

96 pages, full color, illustrated

Price: 35 ЕUR

Level (CEF): А 1.1

This is the newest Serbian language program for those children from ages 5 to 8 who are either total beginners or still know very little. Az buki srpski 1 – Beginners' (A1.1) is attuned both visually and content-wise to the youngest learners. The book has lavishly illustrated lessons, comic strips, and games that make learning fun. Specially composed original nursery rhymes, video lessons, and the included picture dictionary are accompanied by additional exercises in PDF format. We also provide exercises for the step-by-step study of Cyrillic for those who want more out of their child’s study.

The textbook offers sixteen lessons with comic strips and a picture dictionary, an abundant collection of audio recordings, 9 specially-composed original nursery rhymes, and 16 video lessons. A prepared teacher’s manual is also included. Access to the interactive extras, including the video lessons, is provided via a unique code included within each textbook.




Učimo srpski 2

4th edition


Nataša Milićević Dobromirov, Biljana Novković Adžaip, Milica Kričković, Sanja Sekač

(Azbukum Centre, 2022/ ISBN 978-86-900624-2-3)

208 pages, full color, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets

Price: 28 ЕUR

CEF: A2, B1

This course book is aimed at those who already possess basic knowledge of Serbian grammar and can use the language in simple situations but are still very unsecure and need professional support in their study.

This 4th edition is now fully revised and enriched in its content. There are nine interesting lessons based on topics such as everyday life, tradition and culture of the Serbs. Besides the lessons, there is a Workbook as well as three revision tests, grammar overview, and list of verbs with verbal aspects.

Rich source of audio files and Teachers’ Manual are to be downloaded from the Azbukum web site.

In parallel to this coursebook, there is an online interactive program that brings additional practice to each lesson. It is positioned on the AOS platform and is available at extra cost.





New program for B1 and B2 level learners 1st edition


Nataša Milićević Dobromirov, Biljana Novković Adžaip, Milica Kričković, Sanja Sekač

(Azbukum Centre, 2020/ ISBN-978-86-900624-1-6)

208 pages, full color

Price: 33 ЕUR

CEF: B1, B2

This coursebook is aimed at teenagers aged 12 to17 who speak Serbian fairly well but still need guided support in order to correct their mistakes, enrich vocabulary and strengthen their speaking/writing/understanding skills. By its concept, choice of topics and various fields of language presentation, AZ BUKI SRP SKI 3 is a wonderful material for adult learners as well. The book offers 16 lessons, rich collection of audio material with a tape script, grammar overview, spelling rules, list of phrases/idioms used in each lesson, and exercises key. Additional part of AZ BUKI SRP SKI 3 is ready for download: Exercise Book, Revision Tests for B1 and B2 levels, Teacher’s Book. Instructions for downloading are given within the book itself.





1st edition


Biljana Novković Adžaip

(Azbukum Centre, 2018/ ISBN 978-86-900624-0-9)

Price: 10 Euros

CEF: А1, A2

A great collection of 1,100 most frequent Serbian words and phrases translated into six languages: English, German, Russian, French, Hungarian, and Spanish.

Excellent resource material for beginners (A1) and low-intermediate (A2) students, as well as for teachers of Serbian as a foreign/second language.

A complete index of words and phrses and a list of themes (everyday activities, family, friends, work, leasure, health, food, drinks, etc.) are given for easier navigation through the content of the Dictionary.




for yourg learners (aged 12-16)
1st edition


Nataša Milićević Dobromirov, Biljana Novković Adžaip, Milica Kričković

(Azbukum Centre, 2017/ ISBN 978-86-908295-9-0)
144 pages, full color

Price: 22 Euros


Az buki srpski + is the newest Azbukum program aimed at young adults who want to learn Serbian. Attractive and systematic course for beginners, consisting of lessons, excercises, games, audio, tests, and dictionary (Serbian-English-German-Russian-French-Hungarian). Az buki srpski + represents a great resource for Serbian language study: fully coloured, with illustrations, interesting themes for reading and listening, make this program ideal for learners aged 12 to 16.

Audio and Teacher’s book are to be downloaded (instructions for download are provided with the course book).




revised 7th edition


Nataša Milićević Dobromirov, Biljana Novković Adžaip

(Azbukum Centre, 2023 / ISBN 978-86-908295-7-6)
256 pages, full colored with illustrations, PRINTED OR E-BOOK VERSION

Price: 26 Euros

CEF: А1, А2

This is a program for absolute beginners and those who have a very limited knowledge of Serbian. It offers enriched, systematic and dynamic approach to learning the Serbian language for foreigners.
Učimo srpski 1 is based on experience derived from innumerable successful classes with beginners that were held at Azbukum over the years.
There are illustrative, modern and very functional reading, writing, listening and speaking materials. Tips on everyday expressions, short grammar reviews, come with every lesson.
Učimo srpski 1 consists of 12 lessons, each followed by exercises supplement + 6 revision tests + more than 120 minutes of listening activities + grammar overview + collection of all the words + audio scripts + exercises and test key.
Dictionary translated into eleven languages (English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Arabic) and audio files are available online. Instructions for downloading are given within the book. Učimo srpski 1 can be obtained in the Azbukum Centre.



Učimo srpski 1 + cd

3rd edition


Nataša Milićević-Dobromirov, Biljana Novković

(Azbukum Centre, 2009)
152 pages, full colored with illustrations

Price: 22 Euros

CEF: A1, A2

This is a book for absolute beginners and those who have a very limited knowledge of Serbian. It offers a new and dynamic approach to learning the Serbian language. Učimo srpski 1 consists of lessons, revision tests, more than 70 minutes of listening activities, a Reader at the end of the book, and a Dictionary translated into English, Russian and German language. The book can be obtained in the Azbukum Centre.

Sold out



Učimo srpski 2 + audio

3rd edition


Nataša Milićević-Dobromirov, Ljiljana Ćuk, Nataša Radulović

(Azbukum Centre, 2011, ISBN: 978-86-908295-5-2)
160 pages, full colored with illustrations

Sold out

CEF: B1, B2

Interesting and useful course material for those who are at the intermediate level. The book offers various conversational topics, reading passages and practical listening tasks. Lots of exercises in grammar and vocabulary. This book will easily and quickly raise the students ability to use Serbian freely.
The book can be obtained in Azbukum.



Super srpski + cd

2nd edition


Nataša Milićević-Dobromirov, Biljana Novković, Dejana Vojnović, Milica Kričković

Azbukum Centre, 2016)
152 pages, full colored with illustrations

price: 33 Euros

CEF: B2, C1, C2

A unique program for advanced Serbian language learners. Contemporary Serbian language, interesting topics, conversational patterns, syntax building, synonyms and antonyms, idioms and slang, rich collection of listening exercises, Serbian contemporary literature reader, grammar section with exercises and key. The book consists of eight lessons written in cyrillic and latin alphabet. There are more than seventy minutes of listening excercises plus workbook and tests (to be downloaded).
Super srpski offers material and ideas for at least 100 hours of study.
The book can be obtained in the Azbukum Centre.



Serbian Language Grammar for Foreigners, with exercises and key

2nd edition


Marina Kurešević, Dragana Belegišanin-Zakić

(Azbukum Centre, 2016)
195 pages

price: 20 Euros

CEF: A1,A2, B1, B2

A great self-study book that can also be used as a supplementary material for the Azbukum Serbian Online courses (from the beginners' to advanced level). Grammar explanations are given in short and functional form, being followed with illustrative examples and lots of exercises. The key is given in the end of the book.
All explanations are written in parallel in the Serbian and English language.
The Grammar book can be obtained in the Azbukum Centre.



Az Buki srpski 1 + Work book + cd for children

1st edition


Nataša Milićević-Dobromirov, Biljana Novković, Merima Aranitović

(Azbukum Centre, 2008)
format: 23,5 x 26 cm, full color

22 EUR

(CEF: A1, A2

A simple and colorful program for children who do not have any knowledge of Serbian or can speak the Serbian language very little. It is aimed at children aged 8 to 12, regardless to if they are of a Serbian or foreign background. The program Az buki srpski 1 consists of a course book, work book and a cd. Material is full of comics, stories, songs, and quizzes. Along the course children will be introduced to two Serbian alphabets, common conversational patterns, and basic knowledge of Serbian historical and cultural treasury, and its geographical peculiarities.
Every lesson is accompanied by a dictionary (Serbian- English- German - French).
In the end of the course book there is an instruction file for parents and teachers on how to use the program Az buki srpski 1.




1st edition


Nataša Milićević Dobromirov, Dejana Vojnović, Milica Kričković

(Azbukum Centre, 2016/ ISBN 978-86-908295-8-3)

164 pages, full color

fee: 25 Euro


Az buki srpski 2 is aimed at young learners, ages 11 to 15, who already have a basic knowledge of Serbian but need to polish their skills in order to start using the language more freely. This program will enable them to speak up faster, broaden their vocabulary and understand both written and spoken samples.

It is created as a perfect combination of a systematic and highly professional approach towards Serbian as a foreign language. Fine method of presentation, new grammar/style/vocabulary patterns and stimulating exercises will make the process of learning Serbian easier and more challenging. Interesting topics, wonderful stories, funny games, and very useful listening tasks are followed by regular tests (after every second lesson) to monitor progress and weak points.

Attractive design brings 164 full-colored pages with numerous photographs.

The program can be used even by younger/older learners of Serbian or as a great supplement for the A2 level adult students. and more interesting with Az buki srpski 2.

The program Az buki srpski 2 consists of:
- Lessons
- Workbook
- Reader
- Listening passages and exercises
- Revision Tests
- Grammar overview
- Dictionary (words from lessons translated into English, German, French, Russian, and Hungarian).
- Teachers’ book