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Σερβική γλώσσα για αρχάριους + ακουστικά αρχεία + λεξικό μεταφρασμένο σε 11 γλώσσες


As for my faith in you and your team, I should thank all of you, not the other way around. You’ve assembled a staff that would be the honour of every university in Western Europe – not just superb teachers, but also by far the most subtle, wise...

Theodor de Jong,

There are four basic Serbian language level courses (J1-4) and one level for specialization in Serbian (J5).

Basic Courses

(Ј1) Beginner / CEF A1,A2
(Ј2) Low-Intermediate/ CEF A2> B1
(Ј3) Intermediate / CEF B1>B2
(Ј4) Advanced / CEF C1, C2


The Beginner level (Ј1) is created for those who have never studied Serbian and for those who are at the very beginning stages of their Serbian language study.


The Low-Intermediate level (Ј2) is created for those who have a basic knowledge of the Serbian language, and who are familiar with the grammatical structures, may be able to hold basic conversations, but whose vocabulary is very limited.


The Intermediate (Ј3) and the Advanced (Ј4) levels are aimed at students who already have quite a rich vocabulary and a solid knowledge of Serbian grammar structures, can communicate confidently in sustained discourse, and can initiate conversations about familiar and unfamiliar topics. Their task will be to explore the language in more detail learning how to use idioms, humor, and culturally authentic expressions.


New students with prior Serbian language skills or knowledge are required to take the Placement Test before the start of any Serbian language course. Absolute beginners are not required to take the Placement Test.


Each level has a minimum of two lecturers.


Each level has specially prepared Azbukum course books.


All four levels offer an intensive study of grammar structures, vocabulary, and conversational patterns. Many written and oral exercises, as well as audio and video materials, will enable students to use the language in any situation freely and successfully.


Specialized Language Course (Ј5) / CEF C2

This course is intended for lecturers, postgraduates or upperclassmen who wish to expand their knowledge of the Serbian language. Patterns in accentology, lexicology, and syntax will be given through carefully prepared lectures, exercises, and conversations. Speech, phraseology, and stylistics will also be examined. Special attention will be paid to changes in the language over the last half century.


Biljana Novković-Adžaip, Azbukum Centre, Novi Sad
Dušanka Vujović, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad
Željko Marković, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad
Marina Kurešević, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad
Marija Milosavljević, PhD, Institute for Language, Belgrade
Bojana Đorđević, MA, Azbukum Centre, Belgrade