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Učimo srpski 2 + cd

Interesting and useful course material for those who are at the intermediate level. The book offers various conversational topics, reading passages and practical listening tasks.


As for my faith in you and your team, I should thank all of you, not the other way around. You’ve assembled a staff that would be the honour of every university in Western Europe – not just superb teachers, but also by far the most subtle, wise...

Theodor de Jong,


Classes are held Monday through Friday and meet for 45 minutes. The total number of daily lessons depends on the number of classes, as well as on the combination of courses the student decides to take.

Weekends are reserved for additional activities: walks, excursions, gatherings, sports competitions, etc.

Students enrolled in private lessons or super intensive programs may opt to have their classes on Saturdays or Sundays.
Maximum class size: eight participants, per group.


Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Every level (J1- J4) has its own instructor and teaching assistant. The instructor is in charge of the vast majority of the class, schedule, and student achievement during the course. The teaching assistant provides extra assistance to students and is available for individual consultations every day.

Placement Test

Before courses begins, all participants, unless they are absolute beginners, need to take a Placement Test. The test consists of two parts: a written and an oral exam.

The written exam is an hour and a half and is a combination of grammar, vocabulary, and essay writing. The oral exam is an interview with two or three instructors and lasts for about 20 minutes. Based on the test results, a student is placed in the most appropriate level (J1-4).

Final Exam and Certificate

Each student that completes a Serbian language program at Azbukum (a minimum of 40 classes), may take a final exam. Upon successfully passing the final exam, the student will receive a certificate along with the final exam test score.
The grade is based on the following:
- Final Exam: 50%
- Homework: 20%
- Attendance and Participation: 30%

There are exams for each proficiency level (beginner to advanced).
Each exam consists of several components:
1. Reading Comprehension
2. Grammar
3. Vocabulary
4. Cyrillic Alphabet
5. Essay Writing


The Current Grade Scale is a follows:

А (excellent)
B (great)
C (satisfactory)
D (lowest passing grade )
Е (failure)

Letter of Recommendation

In addition to the Certificate of Attendance, students may request a Letter of Recommendation. In this letter, both the instructor and the teaching assistant provide an evaluation of the student's Serbian language proficiency and competence based on the student’s grades and in-class performance.