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اللغة الصربية للمبتدئين المستوى الأول + التسجيلات الصوتية + قاموس يحتوي على أحدعشر لغة


You have helped me to speak up Serbian. You have given me the wings and made myself a great friend of the Serbs and the Serbian Langauge...

Ana Topor-Marin,

Individual Courses


A large number of students enrolled at the Azbukum Center opt for individual instruction (one-on-one private lessons). Individual lessons are extremely popular because they are specifically tailored to the student, e.g. customized instructional content. But more importantly, this unique and indivualized program increases student achievement and students can learn at their own pace. Students enrolled in individual instruction choose how many classes they will atttend per day and per week. (Note: Anyone enrolled in a program of 40 hours/classes or more is assigned two teachers: one instructor and one teaching assistant.

Group Courses

Group classes are offered every winter and every summer for 2 to 8 weeks. Working in small groups (up to 8 students per group) increases student achievement, reflect the age and interests of participants, and afford students an opportunity to interact with one another. More importantly, the low student-teacher ratio results in more individual attention from the instructor. This is especially true for upper level learners (J3 and J4) .

Combined Courses

There are many ways to take classes at Azbukum. Combining courses enhances, accelerates, and makes language learning fun.

Classroom + Internet Courses

Complete beginners are advised to enroll in the Azbukum online course before arriving in Serbia. By doing so, they will build a strong foundation for further study.
Those who have completed a course at Azbukum (J1-J4) are offered the opportunity to stay in touch with their teachers through their Internet courses. In this way, students can continue their studies even after they return home.

Individual + Group Courses

Combining individual courses and group classes is a dynamic way to increase student achievement in the classroom. Participants enrolled in an individual course have the opportunity to interact with other students and test and expand their previously acquired Serbian language knowledge.

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