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Σερβική γλώσσα για αρχάριους + ακουστικά αρχεία + λεξικό μεταφρασμένο σε 11 γλώσσες


To be a past and hopefully future student of the Azbukum Center means forever to be affectionately connected to the Serbian language, Serbian history, rich culture, and to true friends...

Suzana Navarra,

I have been aching to come back from the moment I left in 2005. It was the best experience of my life! I absolutely want to attend the Belgrade program again.

Shana Kinnaman, USA (2007)


I took the two week Serbian summer course in Belgrade where I was taught the basics of the Serbian language in a professional and very kind atmosphere. At the same time I was able to learn more about the Serbian people, its culture, history and of course Belgrade. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world as well, taking Azbukum classes with me and seeing them also after class, for example in one of the uncountable bars or restaurants of Belgrade.

Now I'm on the Azbukum online course to continue my study in between my working hours. It already proved its use and the contact with a helpful and kind teacher makes it more pleasant. I really like it and need less discipline than I thought I would. The only thing missing in comparison to live classes is the speaking part, but I believe that will come naturally once I'm back there.

In short: highly recommendable.

Stefan Mihailovic, Belgium (2007)


My experiences studying with Azbukum have been nothing but positive.

After studying through them with an individual tutor in Belgrade, I decided to apply for a year-long program in Novi Sad. The staff at Azbukum were wonderful about helping cater the program to my needs, providing the best possible combination of flexibility and structure. All the professors I have worked with have been fantastic, and the facilities here in Novi Sad are more than adequate. I found Azbukum has been a good place to study both when I was just starting out learning Serbian and needed more intensive grammar work, and also now that I'm at a more advanced level and don't need as much help getting around. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Azbukum Centre for anyone looking to improve their Serbian!

Kent Fogg, USA (2007/8)


My experience at Azbukum in Novi Sad was one I won't soon forget. Even though I came alone and lived alone, I certainly never felt alone. My professors and the Director welcomed me warmly into their city and eased me gently but quickly into learning the language. Their instructional style was to be sensitive to my needs at every step, being sure to rotate my teachers while I studied long, intense hours. The materials were produced by Azbukum itself, including very up-to-date textbooks with accompanying CD's used in modern and hospitable classrooms. The staff was exceptionally knowledgeable about the language on both linguistic and cultural levels. Sometimes I studied alone and sometimes with an American or international student partner. Last but not least, the school was flexible around my schedule while I pursued an internship at an international organization, even incorporating my work materials into the lessons. All of these wonderful aspects of Azbukum culminated in my success in learning the language to an advanced level in just 10 months. Thank you Azbukum!

Andrew Pelkey, USA (2005/6)


Before coming to Serbia, I studied the language alone by letters. One day I decided to travel either to Croatia or Serbia. I searched the internet for schools, but Azbukum was the only one in Serbia that offered exciting possibilities. I just couldn’t say “no”. At the end of January 2001, I flew to Serbia and stayed in Novi Sad until the beginning of May 2001.

I experienced great hospitality and honesty between instructors, students, and “parents” who I met at Azbukum. I think that a special and positive atmosphere exists where there are people from different countries – and Azbukum is its name!

Through instruction, excursions, and of course encounters with people, I got the answer to the questions I had before my arrival. Today I have a better picture of Serbia and the Serbs.

Haldis Kleppe Akselsen, Norway (2001)


I am Timothy from the States. I came to Azbukum to a Study Abroad Program, lasting a whole year. My aim is to learn the Serbian language and attend lectures at the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade.

First two months I was polishing my Serbian language skills and lived in Novi Sad.

Now I live in Belgrade. I speak Serbian almost all day long with friends and flat mates and it is so good for my Serbian. Now is exam time and I have to study a lot. I got 10 for the presentation in Serbian!

Timothy Simmons (study abroad program 2008/9)


I have studied at Azbukum’s facilities in both Novi Sad and Belgrade as part of my larger postgraduate work on the history of Yugoslavia. I enjoyed the small class sizes and the quality of instruction that Azbukum had to offer and benefited from the dynamic method of academic presentation. The school works closely with professors of Serbian language and literature and constantly updates their course materials and methods of instruction—this, I think, is one of Azbukum’s greatest qualities. While my first experience there served as an immersion experience that greatly increased my language competency, my last two visits honed my skills to a level of fluency that has since allowed me to publish cutting-edge work in a variety of fields using primary sources in Serbian. I highly recommend any student of Serbian language to spend time at one of Azbukum’s schools toward reaching their own goals of cultural and language proficiency.

Robert Niebuhr